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WWW.JackRack.com is misleading.They want you to think that your purchase is only $14.95 for a Free Trial, This is not correct.

You would think they would send you all of the equipment that you see them working out on, this is also not correct. After you give them your Credit Card Number they process it but they also make you purchase other items that make it all fit together. In other words, you have to buy the JackRack little by little and piece by piece. Just a warning!

If you decide to purchase you will see and you will be dissapointed!Anyone looking for JackRack Customer Service Number to speak to a live operator ---> (1-203-306-5682) :(

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I too purchased one in full and they sent me two.I sent the second one back and they started charging me $39.99.

I called customer service and they told me that they have not received the return. After more effort she finally said she checked "something" and told me that they have received it and will refund the two payments. I thought "great" until I was charged again the next month with still no refund. I called back and she told me again that they have not received the return.

After asking for a manager, she again checked "something" and told me that they have received it. She assured me that I would now be getting my 3 refunds. I saw 1 refund today and was going to call them back about the other two. The customer service number is now missing from the website.

I finally found it through amazingproducts.tv the number is 1-203-306-5682. I am pleased with the product but I am not so sure about their business integrity...

especially after I saw that someone else had the same issue.Hope this helps.


I love the product, but dealing with their customer service is a nightmare. They accidently charged me for two units, I sent one back. Two months later they are still saying my refund is "processing" *** this company.


I have this product...and have been very pleased with it so far.It came with everything i was promised, a kickin meal plan and I'm sorry everyone didn't have the same wonderful experience I did....

The only complaint I have is although the DVD is good and informative...I wish it came with the exercises in print...

to ForReal Atlanta, Georgia, United States #683238

LOL You must be employed by JackRack!


I bought the platinum package and have been pleased so far.It isnt built with superior quality but I personally havent had problems.

Takes along time to get onced it is ordered but it is within their guarantee (3 months).It is a great concept, space saver and will really work you out, just isnt 110% quality, I would buy it again.


I would order the Jack Rack, but there are too many Red Flags.

No "Contact Us" link on the website, No real checkout routine - indicating something nefarious, and they want your credit card information BEFORE you would normally get to a checkout page.Add in the percentage of negative feedbacks....and I won't even consider it now.

Looks like you can just take a trip to Home Depot to get everything you need to make your own.

I'm handy enough to do that...so, Here I GO !:o)


Folks, save your money.If you want the most exercise equipment for your money, get a kettle bell and learn how to use it.

It might be stone age technology, but here has never been anything better for the money that can work every major muscle group AND with tremendous aerobic benefit. Costs appx. $2 a pound. Get one locally and skip the shipping.

Don't get the rubber coated ones, they are often two pieces welded together. Go local and make sure its all one-piece.

Start light and work your way up.You get strong and loose at the same time.


FYI I get paid by many companies to go on these message boards and dispute complaints people post. Just trying to keep it fare.


Looks like the folks at jackrack are posting some of these comments.Hahah what losers!

I ordered the jackrack and it's a plastic pile of ***.Just get off your *** and go to the gym.


It looks like a pretty simple peice of equipment you could probably build it for 100 bucks on ur own

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